FAQ I/O Link

What is IO-Link?

I/O-Link is a vendor-independent communication standard that describes a fast and efficient point-to-point system connection that can be used to wire and control sensors and actuators. It should therefore not be confused with the general technology of I/O systems, but represents an independent segment. I/O-Link can be used independently of fieldbus systems, making it the preferred solution for automating manufacturing processes and transferring production data.


I/O link structure: What are I/O link masters and I/O link slaves?

I/O-Link technology works according to the I/O-Link master and I/O-Link slave principle. The I/O-Link master connects to the control system (e.g. Profinet) and controls communication with one or more connected I/O-Link devices such as sensors, actuators, hubs or other components.


I/O-Link slave modules can distribute an I/O-Link port to up to 16 normal inputs or outputs, provided that the connected device has identification data such as a type designation, serial number or parameter data that can be read and written via the I/O-Link protocol.


What are the advantages of our I/O link?

I/O-Link from ELCO simplifies the installation and networking of machines and systems by digitizing all devices with a standardized I/O-Link interface.


This eliminates the need for complex parallel cabling and allows expensive and error-prone analog signals to be integrated. The two biggest advantages of I/O-Link are increased machine availability and the possibility of on-demand maintenance. With I/O-Link, sensors can be easily replaced and diagnostic data can be continuously retrieved in the control system, which speeds up and improves the maintenance process.


Where is the use of I/O-Link modules worthwhile?

I/O-Link is generally universally applicable and guarantees fast commissioning of the corresponding system. The interface can be coupled to almost all fieldbus systems and requires only a standard cable and a standardized connection with an M8 or M12 connector. Thanks to the integrated diagnostics function, automatic parameterization and greatly simplified installation, I/O-Link is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications such as machines, conveyor belts and intralogistics. We will be happy to advise you on this.


Why choose I/O-Link systems from ELCO?

ELCO’s I/O-Link product range supports all common fieldbus protocols, including Profinet, Ethernet-IP and EtherCAT. ELCO’s I/O-Link modules can handle high volumes of data and take full advantage of the benefits of I/O-Link, such as reduced machine downtime, easy parameterization and transmission of diagnostic data.