ELCO – problem solver

ELCO – your leading problem solver in the automation world

When it comes to first-class solutions in automation technology, one name stands proudly in the foreground: ELCO. As an industry leader with years of expertise, we understand the challenges that modern industries bring and are always ready to respond with innovative answers.

Connectors – Reliable connections in every situation

Connectors are an essential element of every automation architecture. At ELCO we rely on high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our connectors are not only reliable but also durable.


Rotary encoder – precision down to the smallest detail

In a world where accuracy counts, our encoders offer the highest precision and reliability. Each product is carefully developed to ensure it meets the high standards our customers expect from ELCO.


I/O systems – Flexible solutions for complex requirements

The requirements for modern I/O systems are diverse and complex. At ELCO we offer flexible, modular solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures and ensure maximum efficiency.


Sensors – Intelligent technology for smart applications

Sensors are at the heart of many automation processes. With our wide range of intelligent sensor solutions, we are able to respond to specific requirements and offer tailor-made solutions.


Final Thoughts

ELCO doesn’t just stand for products – we stand for solutions. As your problem solver in automation, we take on every challenge and use our knowledge Connectors, encoder, I/O systems and Sensorsto find the optimal solution for you. Trust ELCO when precision, reliability and quality come first.