Sensors from Elco: Precise technology for precise measurements!

Discover the world of precise measurement with Elco's inductive, capacitive and optoelectronic sensors! Our sensors are the result of extensive research and development and offer you the highest quality and reliability.


Inductive sensors detect metallic objects without contact and are extremely robust against external influences such as dust, dirt and moisture. Ideal for use in harsh industrial environments, they deliver reliable and accurate results, even under the most demanding conditions.


Capacitive sensors from Elco are the optimal solution for detecting non-metallic materials. By measuring changes in the electric field, they can confidently detect a wide range of materials, including liquids, plastics and granules.


Optoelectronic sensors rely on light barriers, retro-reflective sensors and light sensors to detect a wide variety of objects. These sensors are perfect for a variety of applications that require high precision and fast response times.


Why Elco sensors?

  • Highest precision and reliability in each sensor.
  • Various uses through our broad product portfolio.
  • Customizable solutions, individually tailored to your needs.


Whether you want to detect metallic or non-metallic objects, liquids, or other materials, Elco sensors provide the precision and reliability you need for your projects.


Don't compromise - choose Elco when precision counts!


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