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20 years of excellence in encoder technology

We have been committed to the art and science of encoders for two decades now. Our products are a symbol of the highest quality, precision and reliability. With a deep understanding of the dynamics and requirements of modern industrial applications, we have developed solutions that are tailor-made for your specific needs.


A rotary encoder from us is not just a measuring instrument, but the result of 20 years of innovation, research and tireless pursuit of perfection. It records rotational movements and converts them into digital impulses that enable precise position and speed determination. The attention to detail of our devices guarantees that even the finest movements can be recorded and monitored.


Each application has its own challenges, and our experts are ready to guide you through the selection process. From the first inquiry to the final implementation – we are at your side. Your trust is not just a business goal for us, but a promise that we renew with every encoder we produce.


Join the thousands of companies that have already benefited from our expertise. Discover how our 20 years of experience combined with the quality of our encoders can optimize your applications.


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Whether singleturn, which precisely records every revolution and is ideal for short movements, multiturn, which counts several revolutions and is therefore perfect for longer rotary movements, or the incremental rotary encoder, which determines the position by counting pulses - each variant has its own strengths and areas of application. This guide will walk you through the key considerations to ensure you choose the right encoder for your specific needs.

Incremental encoder

• Precision positioning

• Rotation speed control

• High resolution capture

• Industrial automation

• Reliable motion detection


Single-turn absolute encoder

• Exact position determination

• One-time rotation detection

• Absolute positioning

• High precision measurement

• Immediate position information


Absolute encoder multi-turn

• Multiple rotation detection

• Cumulative positioning

• Advanced positioning

• Long-lasting precision measurement

• Continuous motion monitoring