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ELCO Y-distributor: Maximum flexibility meets the highest quality!

Are you looking for a Y-distributor that perfectly suits your requirements? With the Y connectors from Elco you have made the best choice!


Flexibility in every dimension: Whether straight or angled, plug or socket – at Elco we offer Y-distributors in a variety of shapes and sizes. And thanks to various codings and pole numbers, you can always find the optimal distributor for your specific project.


Individually according to your wishes: Do you need a special cable length? At Elco that's no problem! We assemble your Y-distributor with the exact length you need. This makes your distributor the perfect part of your system.


Reliability from our own production: Our Y-distributors are produced in-house. This ensures that every single piece is 100% inspected. Quality and precision are not empty words for us, but our daily demands.


Always tailored to your needs: Every project is unique and that is exactly how we see your requirements. Tell us your special wishes and we will adapt our Y-distributors exactly to them. At Elco, individual solutions are standard.


And finally ... With a Y-distributor from Elco you can rely on the highest quality, flexibility and individual adjustments. Discover the variety and reliability of our products and make your project with Elco a complete success.


Choose Elco – for connections that last!


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